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Jan 19, 2013 12:30am PST
? >> plus, he has a problem he's trying to keep under control. >> that's not an environment for a recovered alcoholic. >> we have our moments. >> come on, girls. >> how about every time a high-profile woman loses her job, you say jenna should go apply for that? >> well, she just thinks i can do better things. >> no, she's dissing you. >> i'm not sure. >> oh, my gosh. this is so hysterical. >> you know the tunnel they come out of now. >> right. and you interview with the microscope. >> like how did you do? >> yeah, how did it go. listen to this, see if she had any idea. >> see new hollywood -- >> all right. >> actually, i'll see you for the next three hours filling out paperwork. >> you're kidding. is there any way to schedule another day to do it? >> i would negotiate that with the person at the desk. >> you're a little -- >> no, no, i'm under the paper. >> the one person that you can't tell that you're too busy is ryan seacrest. >> right. >> all this week we've been asking you to get more laughs and caption these photos on "dish nation's" facebook page. it's friday and it's time to get you
Jan 13, 2013 7:00am PST
that game in that environment? hundreds of fans supporting their red and gold celebrated their big win. and you want to see 49er fever check that out. that's the embarcadero. the towers of the embarcadero. officials plan to shine the lights every night this week and hopefully through next weekend's nfc championship and right on through the super bowl on february 3rd. >>> we will move on to other stories. we'll talk about this shooting a little bit later on in the newscast. we want to talk about the show. that is right after our show in just about 30 minutes. then at 10:00 you can watch the sea hawks and falcons. and of course at 1:00 you have the ot. >>> new this morning a benefit concert for injured san francisco giants fan bryan stow is set to hit northern california tv screens. the concert schedule includes specials by giants third baseman. it's being televised on the com cast hometown network at 8:00 p.m.. donations will be accepted throughout the broadcast. he was attacked and severely injured at dodger stadium back in 2011. >>> two men and one woman are the latest victims. they w
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2